Thursday, September 10, 2015

2015 Hubspot #INBOUND15 Conference

So it is 6:45 and I have already made it from New Hampshire to the Boston Convention Center for the annual Hubspot Inbound conference (#INBOUND15).  Just approaching the convention center I was getting the shivers from pure excitement! (If you have not already seen my @celdridge8 twitter feed...)

This years INBOUND Conference includes great keynotes, such as Aziz Ansari who I will be seeing this morning, and also great entertainment such as Amy Schumer, who I will also be seeing tonight!  Not to mention the hundreds of workshops that take place throughout the week.
So what is INBOUND15?  Inbound is a conference about the new world of Inbound Marketing.  Inbound marketing is marketing that brings customers to you instead of marketers going out of the company to try and draw in customers.  Examples of inbound marketing are SEO, Blogs, Websites, Content, Social Media, and Calls to Action, just to name a few.

So who should attend this conference?  The answer is, EVERYONE!  Of course there will be around 10,000 people here throughout the week, but everyone should get here and learn the valuable trade of Inbound Marketing which is seen in many startup companies today.

So as you sip your coffee today at work, or you are browsing your twitter feed waiting in line, be sure to follow my updates throughout the day as well as my summary blog posts throughout the next few days.

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